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  • Nowa 5 Dzielnica
    Wrocławska 53
    235 apartments

    Rent an apartment in an up-and-coming, high-end neighbourhood at the corner of Wrocławska and Racławicka streets, situated close to the Old Town, and well-connected with public transport. Parking space guaranteed. Perfect commercial and educational facilities.

  • 29 Aleja
    Prandoty 10b
    31 apartments

    An apartment at the corner of 29 Listopada and Prandoty streets, right in the centre of Krakow. Choose a location near renowned business centres, top Krakow universities and the Krakow Shopping Mall. The project is expected to be completed by July 2021.

  • Apartamenty Novum
    Rakowicka 20
    5 apartments

    Luxury apartments in the centre of Krakow. Only a 15-minute walk to the Market Square. A perfect environment for leisure, work or education.

  • Osiedle Mate3ny
    13 apartments

    Świetnie skomunikowane osiedle w pobliżu Parku Zdrojowego.

  • Zakopane
    Jagiellońska 7
    6 apartments

    Modern apartments in Poland’s winter beauty queen, situated in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. A 10-minute walk from Krupówki street.

  • Skarżysko-Kamienna
    Spółdzielcza 30
    30 apartments

    A high-end building with a simple, geometric structure. A special place to live for those who value the quiet comfort of living in a town.

We invest in great rental experience

At Lew Invest, we decided to design our rental offer for demanding customers.

We are committed to providing a seamless, comfortable rental experience to our customers, so that they can rent with confidence.

We hope that if you collect the keys and move into one of high-end locations on offer, your feedback will be along the lines of “This sets a new standard for apartment rental!”
We will do everything we can to make it possible.

Krakow at your fingertips

Our apartments are situated in places really worth living in. The premises are located in up-and-coming, modern, high-end neighbourhoods which meet the requirements of demanding residents. You can expect an elegant, fully equipped flat, parking space, security provided thanks to surveillance cameras and all those amenities which make everyday life easier and more convenient.

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